Bragging is not exactly becoming but once in a while, it sort of ekes right out of most of us — all sneaky like. When it’s too good to be true, what does one do with such incredible news other than to share it? Within an hour’s time, one day, an opportunity to do so (brag) presented itself. How so? I became a Triple Crown winner. Most don’t rub shoulders with the likes of such, but you, too, may now boast that you know one who has reached such heights. The group is elitist and those who have attained such an honor are worth celebrating … at least I think so.

You’ve seen the likes of this on full display now and again. The winner parades around an extra lap and upon finishing a wreath is placed over the honoree being crowned. Mine didn’t go down exactly like that, but it went down alright and it’s documented in the books — although nobody put a bet on it that’s for sure — not even me.

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