State champs

The Western Star Gymnastics Level 5 team won the North Dakota state championship last weekend in Grand Forks. Members of the Level 5 team are (from left), Kaelyn Sime, Katherine Fearing, Lauren Fearing and Kendra Twitchell.

The Western Star Gymnastics Level 5 team won the North Dakota state championship at the state meet last weekend in Grand Forks.

The Level 5 team finished first in the team standings with 10 teams competing.

Lauren Fearing was the individual all-around state champion, while Katherine Fearing was second in the all-around for the senior division.

Lauren Fearing was first on the vault and balance beam. Katherine Fearing placed first in the floor exercise.

Kaelyn Sime was first in the floor exercise in the Junior A division. Kendra Twitchell placed first in both the vault and bars in the Junior B division.

Teams from Fargo, Grand Forks, Valley City, Bismarck, Minot, Dickinson, Jamestown and Mandan competed in the state team.

In all, 68 gymnasts participate in last weekend’s event.

The Western Star Gymnastics Level 4 took third at the state meet.

Ten teams and 78 gymnasts took part in the state meet with the Western Star Level 4 team.

State meet

Level 5

Katherine Fearing

Sr. B Age Division

Vault:     8.975        3rd place

Bars:     9.200        5th place

Beam:     9.375        2nd place

Floor:     9.550             1st place  (State Floor Champion)

AA:                             37.100        2nd Place


Lauren Fearing

Sr. B Age Division

Vault:                         9.050         1st Place

(State Vault Champion)

Bars:                          9.500        3rd place

Beam:                        9.400         1st place

(State Beam Champion)

Floor:                     9.425            2nd place

AA: 37.375       1st place  

(All Around State Champion)


Kaelyn Sime

Jr. A Age Division

Vault:                         8.350        6th place

Bars:                          9.350        2nd place

Beam:                    9.525        2nd place

Floor:                         9.250        1st place

(State floor Champion)

AA:                        36.475        2nd place


Kendra Twitchell

Jr. B Age Division

Vault:                         9.150        1st place

(State Vault Champion)

Bars:                      9.575        1st place

(State Bars Champion)

Beam:                   8.900            10th place

Floor:                    9.325          2nd place

AA:                       36.950        2nd place

Level 4

Keagan Hass

Sr. B Age Division

Vault:                    9.350             10th place

Bars:                   9.250            7th place

Beam:                 9.250            6th place

Floor:                  9.150            7th place

AA:                     37.000            7th place


Toni Magrum

Sr. B Age Division

Vault:                  9.475            3rd place

Bars:                   9.375            5th place

Beam:                 9.275            4th place

Floor:                  9.000   

AA:                     37.125            5th place


Casey Moe

Sr. B Age Division

Vault:                  9.300

Bars:                   9.000  

Beam:                 9.400            3rd place

Floor:                  9.175            4th place

AA:                     36.875            8th place


Lillian Schneider

Sr. B Age Division

Vault:                   9.375            8th place

Bars:                    9.600            3rd Place

Beam:                  9.275            4th Place

Floor:                   9.150            7th Place

AA:                      37.400            3rd Place


Abigail Rose

Sr. A Age Division

Vault:                   9.400

Bars:                    8.200

Beam:                  8.775  

Floor:                   8.850   

AA:                      35.225     


Myah Williams

Jr. A Age Division

Vault:                  8.900

Bars:                   7.400

Beam:                 8.200

Floor:                  8.575

AA:                     33.075

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