The Ray/Powers Lake Outlaws (6-1) earned their sixth consecutive victory of 2019 with a 28-14 triumph over previously undefeated Central McLean on Friday, Oct. 4.

With one game left in the regular season, a home contest against Towner-Granville-Upham on Oct. 11, the Williston Herald asked Outlaws co-head coach Seth Wisthoff about his team’s latest performance, his thoughts on the season, and the team’s strategy heading into the ballgame against TGU. Here is what he had to say.

Central McLean was one of your most competitive games of the season. Describe how your club was able to come out on top against such a tough opponent.

Wisthoff: We did some things on Friday that we haven’t the rest of the season. We turned the ball over and stopped ourselves early in the game. Some of it was playing a tough opponent and some of it was just us not taking care of the fundamentals.

Are there any specific moments during the season that has made working with this team so memorable?

Wisthoff: The part that has been so fun about this team is the growth. We started out the year looking for leadership and maturity and we were not firing on all cylinders. We have had several guys step into a leadership role and with that have put us in position to be successful.

We have guys that are going through some difficult times in their lives and their teammates are coming along side of them and providing mental, emotional and spiritual strength for their buddies in times of need. As coaches there is nothing that brings us more joy.

Football is a team game, but who have been some of the most outstanding individual players that have helped get Ray/PL to this point?

Wisthoff: The great part about our team has been our balance. We have had a lot of guys score touchdowns, get turnovers, make big plays that aren’t always in the stat line. To pick out one or two would be selling the rest of the team short.

If I were to have told you before the season that your club will go on a six-game winning streak, what would your response have been?

Wisthoff: Our coaches and players are always going to prepare in a way that we believe will prepare us to win each game that we play. Where our guys have really shined is their ability to come together for a common purpose.

When your whole team is going in the same direction it makes it possible to improve constantly, rely on each and play the be the best version of yourself all the time. All of those scenarios make winning games possible.

The TGU Titans will be your last opponent of the regular season on Oct. 11. What do you know about them, and what needs to happen in order to end the regular season campaign with your win streak in tact?

Wisthoff: We are emphasizing to our guys that we need to finish. In each part of their life, the ability to see things through to the end is so important. Sports are a great opportunity to put young people in difficult situations in order to teach them how to react in an appropriate manner. This week is a lesson on taking each game seriously and finishing everything that you start.

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