The postseason is finally here, and the Class C basketball teams in Eastern Montana are the ones who will be duking it out to kick off the championship chase.

The tournament, for both the boy’s and girl’s teams, starts on Monday, Feb. 15 and runs through the rest of that week, but anyone looking to catch some action doesn’t have to wait until then.

Games will have kicked off on Saturday, Feb. 13 between the bottom four sees in the district, with winners advancing and the losers heading to the consolation side of the bracket.

As a quick refresher, here are all the teams in the district that you will be seeing play in the tournament: Bainville, Brockton, Circle, Culbertson, Fairview, Froid/Med. Lake, Plentywood, Savage, Richey-Lambert and Westby-Grenora (MonDak).

Games will be played throughout the tournament at Culbertson and Sidney, so watch the bracket as it is updated to see when and where your team might be playing.

With all that said, here are the interesting things to watch for once the tournament starts.

Top seedsTeams on both the boy’s side and girl’s side of the tournament have distanced themselves from the rest of the pack and shown that they can compete for the district championship.

Froid/Med. Lake’s basketball teams were both undefeated (in conference play) as of Wednesday, Feb. 10, and should they remain undefeated and win the tournament, that would be a grand accomplishment.

In both the boy’s and girl’s sides of the district, three teams have put themselves ahead of everyone else as the season comes to a close.

Froid/Med. Lake was on top for both boy’s and girl’s throughout the season, and defending state co-champion Fairview, on the boy’s side, was able to put together another impressive season to be right behind the Redhawks.

Joining Fairview, though, was MonDak, who had a great regular season on the boy’s side, too.

Fairview only had a couple losses, one of which was to the other defending state co-champion, Scobey, and the other of which was to Froid/Med. Lake.

The loss to the Redhawks was by just one point, though, so seeing which of these teams comes out on top will be interesting.

Don’t overlook the middle of the pack, though, as when it comes to the postseason, anything is possible.

As far as the top seeds are concerned on the girl’s side, the same goes for those three teams: Froid/Med. Lake, Plentywood and MonDak.

As of Feb. 10, Plentywood was also undefeated in conference play, and MonDak had one los in conference action.

This is going to lead some exciting games when the tournament comes, to see which team will be able to best the other in high-powered matchups.

Once again, though, never overlook the rest of the competition.

Everyone will be playing their best and trying their best to not be eliminated, so anything could happen.

The teams in the middle of the pack have played in a lot of tough and close games, so they have that experience and resilience to help them.

UpsetsLike with any sport at any level, upsets are always one of the most exciting things to witness.

Whether it be the lowest seed defeating the highest seed, or the previously thought-to-be-unbeatable team getting taken down, it is always a spectacle.

After playing against each other in the regular season, these teams will know what to expect from their opponents even more so this time around.

The combination of not wanting to have your season end and knowing what to expect could drive some teams to make waves against their higher-seeded counterparts.

Especially after how dominant some teams were this season, it would be interesting to see them fall in the tournament.

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