The District 16 volleyball awards for coach of the year, senior athlete of the year and the all district team and tournament team have been announced for the 2020 season.

The coaches of the year are Shaunessy Meyer from Tioga and Michelle Dolan from Ray.

The senior athlete of the year is Megan Zimmer from Kenmare.

The 2020 All-District 16 team of the year includes players from Kenmare, Ray, Tioga, Divide County, Stanley and Powers Lake.

The players from Kenmare are: Megan Zimmer, Brenna Stroklund, Sierra Skar and Kate Zimmer.

The players from Ray are Sydney Larson, Lydia Hickel and Cassidy Skor.

Maelyn Sanders and Bethany Schmidt represent Tioga while Raygen Lee and Leevi Meyer represent Stanley.

Windy Jacobson is from Divide County and Camryn Rystedt is from Powers Lake.

The 2020 All-District 16 tournament team includes:

Brenna Stroklund from Kenmare

Megan Zimmer from Kenmare

Kate Zimmer from Kenmare

Sierra Skar from Kenmare

Bethany Schmidt from Tioga

Addie Norgaard from Tioga

Maelyn Sanders from Tioga

Lydia Hickel from Ray

Emma Bydl from Divide County

Ryanne Slemin from Powers Lake

Camryn Rystedt from Powers Lake

Leevi Meyer from Stanley

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