The 2021-2022 Coyote Clay Target League team photo

The 2021-2022 Coyote Clay Target League team photo.

The Coyote Clay Target League has made huge waves this year, and it’s only fitting that they receive the this week’s “Athlete of the Week” title.

The Coyotes finished their fall season first in the state for trap shooting, and first in the nation for sporting clays and 5-stand.

This is all in addition to being the largest team in the state and in the country, something that also happened this fall season.

There’s 198 members on the team and they all come from schools in the area like Williston High, Watford City and Ray to name a few.

But there’s even more to proud of from the League.

This season, Clay Ceynar placed third in the state for trap shooting.

In sporting clays, Andrew Ramsey, Traceson Martinez and Jaxon Alvarado placed first, second and third respectively in the conference for the highest season average.

Sydney Hinck had the second highest average for the girls in sporting clays, finishing with a 35.4 average in the nation.

Hinck also had the highest season average overall (out of all the other conferences) for girls 5-stand in the nation finishing with an 18.5 average.

Alvarado ranked first for the highest season average in Conference 2 in 5-stand, Jake Ceynar was second and Martinez was third.

Also in 5-stand, Hinck was first in the conference for the girls and McKayla Stiyer was third.

For clarification, the League participates in the North Dakota High School Clay Target League for trap shooting and in the USA High School Clay Target League for sporting clays and 5-stand because there aren’t enough schools in North Dakota participating in those two disciplines.

Congratulations to the Clay Target League, the coaches including head coach Penny Slagle and all the other volunteers and parents who help along the way.

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