Montana native Kelsie Williams, pictured here ready to execute a serve, will continue her volleyball career at Williston State College in the fall of 2020.

The Williston State College Tetons secured their seventh volleyball prospect of the offseason with Montana native Kelsie Williams, a middle and outside hitter, the newest high school standout to sign a National Letter of Intent.

As Tetons head coach Chelsea Hinck tells the Williston Herald, she believes Williams adds to a nucleus of raw talent and natural athletes.

“I see our team doing great things, and mid-June begins the summer training program for our team,” Hinck states via text message. “I look forward to what we can bring to the table come August.”

The Williston Herald asked Williams about her expectations as a member of the Teton program, what she plans to study, and a few of her hobbies away from volleyball. Here is what she had to say via email.

What was it about Williston State College that made you want to sign here?

Williams: I found interest in WSC after watching them play. From what I could tell, they had great chemistry on and off the court. I made the decision to sign after having very supportive and welcoming talks with Coach Hinck and the team, who both made me feel welcomed and very excited for my future at WSC.

How did the coronavirus affect the recruiting process for you? Did you ever get to see the campus, or meet with a few of the players?

Williams: The virus restricted me from viewing the full campus, but thanks to Zoom meetings, I was able to meet the team on an online call, but I am still anxious to see and meet everyone in person.

Playing other sports such as track, basketball and softball in high school, how do those experiences help you on the volleyball court?

Williams: Playing multiple sports gave me great insight on the impacts of teamwork and unity, and it made me push myself to always be learning new skills and trying to make up for my weaknesses. It also gave me some absolutely amazing memories with a variety of different teammates and teams which I am excited to continue with the Tetons.

What are some of your long-term goals that you would like to accomplish at Williston State College?

Williams: In my first year, I would like to work with the coaching staff to get over my weaknesses. By my second year, I want to push for a starting spot, and assist the team in going as far as we can in every game.

Academically, you mentioned an interest in elementary education. What is it about that field of study that excites you the most?

Williams: It would have to be my love for children and being able to have an impact in their life and help them in all their future endeavors.

What are you most looking forward to as a collegiate athlete?

Williams: I am most looking to continue my passion for volleyball with an amazing new family of teammates, and to fully enjoy every minute of it.

Talk about your outdoors experience hunting and fishing, where are your favorite areas to go, and what do you like to hunt the most?

Williams: My family loves hunting and one of my favorite places I have gone is Fourchette Bay to hunt for elk, but my favorite animal to hunt would be antelope.

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