Clay target

Asia Evanson, left, watches as teammate Xavier Gutierrez hits his clay target with a shot, shattering it into little pieces.

Ryan Parish • Williston Herald

The inaugural season of Williston High School’s clay target is four weeks old, and already team founder and coach Penny Slagle said she has seen steady improvement each week from her athletes. 

Slagle, a gym teacher at Williston High School, had wrestled with the idea of starting the team for a few years before finally making a push for a team this year. All told, 32 students have committed to the team. 

The team meets every Wednesday at the Northwest Gun Club for practices and holds its official shoots each Sunday. 

The coaching staff has spent the past few weeks focusing on teaching the proper technique of clay target shooting, everything from how to hold the gun to where to shoot.

Slagle has been impressed by how quickly her athletes seem to be picking up the sport. 

“We’ve seen a lot of improvement in the scores,” Slagle said. “It’s fun seeing them get excited when they start making their shots and improving their scores.” 

Williston has already had 10 athletes commit to participating in the state clay target meet June 16 in Horace. 

“That’s pretty exciting our first year to have 10 athletes attending,” she said. “The 10 that we’re sending — there’s some pretty good shooter in our top-10.”

Slagle said she anticipates the club will send even more athletes next year if the club continues to grow and word of mouth gets around to other students. 

Slagle said the team is planning a “fun shoot” with member of the community on June 2 at Painted Woods Sporting Range. 


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