Wastewater treatment facility

The completed wastewater treatment facility in Sidney.

The wastewater treatment facility project is nearing its end in Sidney, with the final phase taking place over the next two years. The first three phases, which covered the main construction for the new facility, was completed in mid-November.

“We had three contractors for the project,” said Jeff Hintz, director of public works. “COP Construction, Western Municipal Construction and Oakland Construction. They all did a really good job. We are very happy. They were professional and knew what they were doing.”

Hintz also gave praise to engineer firm Morrison-Mairele for their work on the wastewater project, which began in 2012. Construction started in 2014.

The old facility consisted of two small out-buildings and two ponds and is now transformed into three out-buildings and seven ponds.

The buildings include a headworks building where debris and solids are separated from water, which then flows through the lift station and over to the first CIPP (cured-in-place-pipe)-lined pond. From there, the main wastewater treatment facility pumps compressed oxygen to the water, which encourages microbes to break down remaining sludge in the water. This process happens over four wastewater cells, with the water getting progressively cleaner over each pond.

After the fourth cell, water is pumped into the wastewater facility where it is treated with a UV light, killing all remaining bacteria. From there, the clean water is pumped to one of three ponds, where it perforates back into the ground. The use of those three cells is rotated, so when one fills up, the water is then directed to the next cell and so forth.

Laura Gundlach, project engineer, said there have been almost incalculable man hours and design hours put into the project over the last seven years.

The new facility meets all Department of Environmental Quality standards.

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