I am a school bus driver for District 8. You have probably seen buses driving around even though school had been cancelled due to COVID- 19. We are delivering sacked meals for children on our routes. Many parents have been laid off or lost their jobs entirely. We are providing a little help for those families.

I say all this because on Wednesday, as I was sitting in my bus at one of my stops, a gentleman pulled up and told me I was wasting his tax money and my time. I told him that we’re feeding children and that is not wasting money or my time. I know tax money is wasted every year, in the millions. Pork barrel spending on unnecessary projects and Congressional greed and selfishness is wasting money!

Feeding children is never a waste of money. (To see examples of this Google pork barrel spending). In addition, this is my job.

As an employee I’m to carry out my duties as instructed. I’m proud to live and work in a county that cares for its citizens and feeds its children. I hope and pray that if this man’s children are ever in need there will be someone to help them.

— Ashley Hillberg,


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