When I first read Lloyd Omdahl's column in the Aug. 6 Williston Daily Herald paper, I was astonished at the verses from the Bible he used to show us "how we should treat these unfortunate souls" who are fleeing their countries because of horrible conditions in their home countries. If you look up Galatians 3:28 and read the verses before and after (verses 23-29) you will see it was not addressing who should be allowed into a country but who should be allowed into the kingdom of God. 

The Apostle Paul was addressing the believers in Jesus in the churches of Galatia asking them to not think Jesus came only to the Jews but for all people-Greek, Jews, slave, free, male, female, and barbarians and Scythians too as it says in Colossians 3:11. Paul wanted them to know that Jesus Christ did not come as the Messiah for the Jews only but for anyone no matter who they were or what status they had in the world or what culture they came from-all are welcome to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, and the church needs to be prepared to welcome them into the fellowship of believers. 

We will not arrive at truth by pulling quotes out of context; not in Bible reading, not in public discourse. 

I must say, reviewing all those scripture passages bolstered my spirits because of the importance of knowing that anyone can become a believer in Jesus. So I guess I have to say thank you to Mr. Omdahl for getting me off the sofa and into the Bible even if he did tick me off with his careless misapplication of Bible verses. 

Bonnie Bergman


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