Reader accuses columnist of opposing American spirit

Gene Lyons.


He’s a communist.

His views are obviously opposing to not only the majority of your readers, but our traditions, Constitution and founding.

Yes, He’s an American with First Amendment rights, but you have the right not to publish communist propaganda.

I as well have the right to not purchase your paper subscription. There are many other ways to find out what’s going on.

How about you support America and dis this guy, find someone who supports the positive intent of our American Spirit.

You don’t have to prove freedom of speech by allowing communist propaganda in your mix. You can do the right thing without participating in America’s destruction.

I’m Jim, I’m NDFlagPoleGuy, and I stand for messages that support the freedoms of this and the next generation. Freedom to not do something is all part of doing the right thing. How about you?

James Swartout


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