Trump and Wheeler are harming our environment

Dear Editor:

President Donald Trump and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Andrew Wheeler are attacking our health and environment. Again. By proposing to eliminate critical standards that cut methane pollution from oil and gas development, Administrator Wheeler is creating loopholes for industry at the expense of our families’ health and future generations.

Even big oil knows that they cannot significantly reduce methane pollution on their own. Today, “voluntary” pollution reduction programs represent just a small fraction of the industry and companies like major North Dakota oil and gas operators, Equinor and ExxonMobil, know that actions taken on their own are not enough to address methane pollution from the oil and gas industry.

It is critical that the EPA keep methane pollution safeguards strong and working to protect communities in North Dakota, instead of attempting to keep the vast majority of climate pollution from the oil and gas industry away from critical federal oversight for years to come.

Trump and Wheeler need to listen to companies like Equinor and ExxonMobil and realize that eliminating EPA’s methane protections are not in the interest of business or our environment.

Lisa DeVille

Dakota Resource Council Member

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