Impeachment justified to curb abuse of power

We as Americans are facing the second Constitutional crisis in my lifetime. Thus far, we seem to lack much basic understanding of our Constitution. It is clear and not ambivalent.

At times, our leaders are called upon to set aside politics and stand for right, the rule of law and a commitment to obey the Oath they have taken—to uphold our Constitution. Today, one party, the Republicans, have chosen their own political fortunes ahead of that very Oath.

The evidence that an Impeachment must happen is without controversy. The President has openly and with intent, violated that Constitution. He has abused his power and has obstructed the Congress; both are clear as reasons for Impeachment in our Constitution.

To argue which of these is more serious is not production however, if this President is allowed to defy the Constitutional orders of Congress, for all intents and purposes, we have lost the Republic, ended the rule of law and transformed our nation into a Dictatorship. We have granted a President unlimited power to do what he pleases with impunity and immunity. That is the definition of Dictatorship.

We have here in North Dakota, 3 elected officials, Sen. Hoeven, Sen. Cramer and Cong. Armstrong who have taken the Oath of Office and we, the people, have a right to demand that they obey that Oath.

Today, they have chosen partisan politics over the Law, their Oath and what most of us hold as moral principles. Self interest has taken precedence over our Constitutional Republic.

Under these conditions, they are Impeachable and subject to recall. No justification whatsoever by We the People, here in North Dakota for giving any support to these 3 people whom we have entrusted the job of upholding our Constitution and leading us.

Tom Asbridge

Bismarck, ND

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