The City of Williston is ramping up for the 2019-2020 snow season so it’s time to review the city’s procedures. Typically snow removal operations begin when the City receives more than three inches of ice and snow. The City begins with its emergency snow routes.

“We start plowing through streets at three inches of snow; residential depends on how much snow we get at one time. We might get three to four inches before we go in there (residentials neighborhoods),” Jim Engen, Williston Public Works Roads and Streets Engineer, tells me.

After a significant snowfall, the city will plow residential avenues on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and streets on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please be sure to move any vehicles and unhitched trailers off the roadways as they could be ticketed and towed. This is a year-round ordinance.

“If they don’t get those (trailers, vehicles, etc.) moved off of the roadways, we are going to end up plowing in driveways, mailboxes and fire hydrants,” Engen explains.

The Downtown Williston area is treated differently.

“Business owners have up to about 10 hours to sweep their sidewalks into the streets and then we haul that (snow) away (this does not include parking lots),” Engen says.

Private parking lot owners much hire their own contractor and get their own snow lots for the winter season. Right now, the city is in sweeping mode.

“We are trying to get all of the leaves and debris off of the streets, so they don’t plug up storm drains and cause street flooding and icy conditions in the spring,” Engen says.

One other reminder this winter season; don’t crowd the plows. You should be extremely cautious when snow removal and sanding operations are underway. These vehicles must stop and backup frequently, so you should stay a minimum of 50 feet behind them. Remember that a typical snow plow is wider than most driving lanes. Let’s all have a safe winter driving season!

For more information please contact Williston Public Works and Engineering.

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