You probably have already seen or heard about the new Williston Basin International Airport or XWA. XWA has been in display since October 3 for tours by the media, VIP’s and general public. You may be wondering, however, when the first flight will land?

The final departure from Sloulin Field International Airport (ISN) will take off on Wednesday, October 9. The first commercial flight to land at XWA will do so at approximately 10:50 a.m. on October 10.

The final ISN departure will mark the end of airport operations as we have known them since the 1950’s. Sloulin Field was dedicated on September 10, 1954. For some, the excitement of a new and modern airport is exciting, while for others it is nostalgic.

The new XWA is beyond spectacular and I believe our residents will be just as wowed with the new developments at Sloulin Field. After the final plane takes off, the Federal Aviation Administration will officially decommission ISN, and remediation will begin.

This means, the City of Williston will be shifting from one construction project to another.

The first phase of the Sloulin Redevelopment Project will focus on backbone roads and streets including 16th Avenue West., 32nd Street and 42nd Street.

We anticipate building some of these roadways in 2020.

The heart of the Sloulin Redevelopment will be civic use; including parks, a trail system and potential civic center.

We will announce some of the projects that will be coming to Williston in early 2020. Stay tuned for more details!

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