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The world is a little quieter today and Williston has lost a shining light. Aaron “Nesto” Rothrock was born on September 28th 1989 to Paula Poskey in Kansas and moved to Fort Collins, Colorado as a small boy. Growing up, music was always Aaron’s dream and in his teenage years he earned what became his music name “Nesto.”

He came to Williston in 2016 in search of the resources to further his music career. He quickly took up a hard working oil field life and was presented with many new subjects for his lyrical magic. Often taking a humorous approach, Nesto made his own happiness here by poking fun at things like mumble rappers and young relationships. His latest album released on September 28th of this year entitled “N.E.S.T.O’S World.”

Today he is survived by his Mother, sister Amber Rothrock and brothers Alex Rothrock and Richard Layton. He was truly loved by everyone who knew him and his talent was often the light of the room. His dreams of being a famous musician live on in his music and in his memory within us.


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