• Long-term side effects of staying in during the COVID-19 pandemic are starting to show up. Obesity has risen significantly in the US in the last nine months. The CDC reported 2020 saw a rise in overall BMI to the point that 30.5% to 40.6% of American adults are obese or morbidly obese. The average American man gained 14 pounds and the average American woman gained 9 pounds. This has had more negative effects on patients with severe symptoms of COVID-19 due to the complications obesity presents. Many Americans who have been made jobless due to the pandemic and living on food assistance say it is very difficult to eat healthy due to the processed long-term-storage food available like sodium and sugar rich packaged foods.

• In southwest Pakistan, heavily religious militants have abducted and murdered 11 coal miners, all of whom belong to the religious minority in the area. Their families have been involved in a week-long protest to gain attention for the state's weak action against the murderous militant offshoot. The Pakistani government has made official statements condemning the actions of the militants and has made vague statements involving justice in tracking down the culprits but no visible action has been taken. The families have also been denied protection by the Pakistani government as they receive daily death threats. Hundreds of the Pakistani religious minority have been murdered in this fashion over the last decade as religious tensions rise between armed leaders of Pakistan.

• Chinese Police in Hong Kong arrested 53 pro-democracy leaders at their homes, attorneys' offices and, in the case of one woman, at her daughter’s daycare. The Chinese police have cited the detainees with attempts to overthrow the Chinese government, holding illegal elections and attempts to attain control of the Chinese military. The attorneys of the detainees believe they are being held to weaken the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong.

• Germany is taking steps to keep up with the U.S. and U.K. in gender equality in large corporations. It may be led by a woman, but Germany lags behind in gender equality in executive positions. Only 13% of executive jobs in Germany are held by women. The German government has signed a commitment to make that number 75% by 2025.

• The World Health Organization has issued a statement saying China is blocking its investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 virus. China has blocked all of the entry and work visas of all the investigative doctors and scientists from around the world. The Chinese government has cited various reasons for the lack of entry. The investigators were scheduled to inspect Wuhan, the surrounding areas and the population of humans and various pets and livestock. Ma Xiaowei, the leader of the Chinese Health Commission stated it would be conducting its own investigations but no studies or findings have been reported to any other outlets.

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