US and Russian diplomats met in Geneva this weekend to discuss concerns with rumors of Russia’s plans to invade Ukraine. NATO has expressed they are ready for conflict between Russian and Ukrainian forces as Russia has been amassing large amounts of military equipment along the border between the two sovereign nations. Ukraine, a resource rich country near the south western corner of Russia, is a former territory of the defeated Soviet Union but separated after the fall of the Berlin Wall and declared democratic independence in 2010.

A spokesperson for the North Korean government declared a successful hypersonic missile test for the second time in five months. The South Korean government is saying these claims are false as they have special detection equipment, developed in part with the US, that covers the whole of North Korea. As a heavily isolated third world country, North Korea is incapable of masking its technological and military developments from the rest of the world but a hypersonic missile could pose some threat to neighboring countries. Compared to ballistic missiles, hypersonic missiles fly at over five times the speed of sound and their direction can be changed mid flight, making them slightly more difficult to destroy with anti-missile defense systems but still comparatively tinker toys to the rest of the modern world's defense capabilities.

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