Dudas announces air carrier

Airport Director Anthony Dudas announces Sun Country Airlines will be a new carrier at XWA

After much anticipation, the Williston Basin International Airport announced a new air carrier will start flying Williston to Las Vegas this fall.

Airport Director Anthony Dudas, joined by Mayor Howard Klug and Airport Commissioner Chris Brostuen, announced that Sun Country Airlines would be partnering with XWA, bringing non-stop flights to Las Vegas beginning Sept. 2. Sun Country Airlines operates 96 routes across 71 airports across the United States, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

“We want to continue to enhance air service for businesses and our local community so they have those opportunities to travel at an affordable fare to areas that they want to travel to,” Dudas said. “We’ve been working for several years to get a low-cost leisure carrier to come to Williston.”

Sun Country will be offering twice weekly service to Las Vegas on Thursday and Sundays, with one-way fares beginning as low as $79. Dudas noted that flights on Sun Country are able to be booked through XWA immediately. Klug applauded the the partnership, saying it will eliminate the need for residents to travel elsewhere to fly to the destinations they want.

“I’ve said it a lot of times over the last few months, that we build Williston with partnerships, and this is another one we put together to make sure that Williston thrives and that Williston grows,” Klug said. “It’s a great day. I really believe that if everything goes well that I’m going to be on one of the first flights out of here! It’s time. After the last year that we’ve put in, it’s time for a vacation.”

Dudas said this a promising start to a return to normal air travel, as XWA has begun to see record numbers of passengers on United flights, as well as the return of Delta Airlines at the beginning of the June.

“This is just a great day for the city of Williston, its residents and the region as well,” Brostuen said. “It’s just been a vision and a dream for the city and the airport staff to bring a low-cost carrier to the community and give the residents and people in the region an opportunity to fly out of Williston versus driving to Minot or Bismarck or even further away.”

Visit www.flywilliston.net or suncountry.com to learn more or to book a flight out of XWA.

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