With the National Football League open for business the season won’t be the same for former Coyote Brent Qvale.

The former Nebraska Cornhusker will be like the rest of us fans this time around as he sits out of game action with a shoulder problem.

This will be the first time in eight seasons for the offensive lineman, after having spent his first six seasons with the New York Jets and last season with the Houston Texans.

Brent found a new home this fall, signing on as a free agent with the Tennessee Titans.

“Yeah year eight was cut much shorter than I anticipated,” said Brent.

“My shoulder got tore up going against the Buccaneers down in Tampa.”

That came during pre-season action and the injury proved devastating.

“I’ll be having right shoulder surgery next (this) week to repair some tears in there and it’ll be about four or five months of recovery,” said Brent.

Surgery was actually held on Thursday and Brent now begins the long road to recovery.


With surgery being his main concern for now, Brent isn’t about to give up on his time playing the offensive line in the NFL.

“It’s pretty special to still be playing football in my thirties. You only get one shot at the NFL so I’m gonna keep going until every team tells me no.”

He quickly added, “there’s nothing like playing in the NFL.”


Hey, there’s even a chance his career could resume yet this season.

“I am planning to give it a go next year again, but there’s already been a few teams reach out about my availability for the end of this year or even into next year so that’s encouraging so we will just take it one day at a time,” said Brent.

That means for the time being, “it’s going to be a lot of rehab to get ready to play NFL football and the stress that it takes on your body.”

While this will give him and his young family some time for “R&R,” the road to recovery isn’t easy.


For Brent, no stranger to the training room, “this will be surgery No. 6 for me and the broken leg and everything else, so my joints aren’t feeling too young anymore, while everything else definitely feels young though,” said Brent.

As a result of his latest injury he and the Titans agreed to a contract buyout, leaving him as a free agent once again for next season.

The Qvale family has returned to Lincoln, Nebraska to set up home base for surgery and rehab.

This proves to be a lot easier as the family has been moving from Lincoln, to Nashville, Houston and New Jersey over the last seven years.

“We just decided it was time to just stay in one place for a little while,” said Brent.


Brent estimates recovery time to be “around five to six months to be completely healed up and ready to go. I’m excited the teams have already reached out about the possibility of maybe the end of the season if things go even faster or for next season to sign and see what happens.”

We will touch base with Brent during this period of time and keep you posted on his next decision.

We send out a Scope Salute to this former Coyote on the fact he has spent eight seasons in the NFL.

That alone is a major accomplishment and something to be very proud of.

At the same time we extend best wishes on the rehab period.


Meanwhile, Brent picked up an honor for his college playing days back at Nebraska.

It proved to be a real surprise, even to Brent, as he was named to the Madden 22 Nebraska Campus Legend team.

That led him to say, “the Madden honor, being named to Nebraska All-Madden team was awesome, as well as someone who has played madden since the game came out 20 plus years ago.”

He added, “I found out from getting sent that graphic myself and it truly is a really special honor for me.”

That graphic can be found on Brent’s Facebook page.


Speaking of the NFL, the Minnesota Vikings sure could use Brent’s help as they opened play in terrible fashion against the Cincinnati Bengals last Sunday.

Along with numerous penalties the team just couldn’t seem to get things going.

It looked like a laundromat on the field as yellow hankies were flying throughout the game.

On a good note, the offense did battle back to knot the score and put them in position to win.

Now, seeking to post a victory, the Vikings tangle with the Arizona Cardinals.

One can only hope the outcome is much better.


In an earlier Scope column we highlighted the upcoming Legends event set for September 30 at the Old Armory in Williston.

On that night the 2020 and 2021 Legends will be honored, while Homecoming is slated for Oct. 1 with Bismarck St. Mary’s coming to town to face the Coyotes.

Tickets for the banquet can be obtained through the Williston Coyote Foundation.

In an effort to highlight a large number of individuals one individual from the 1975 Williston High School girls basketball team was left off the published list.

Thus we want to recognize Vicki (Clark) Loyland as also being a member of that first state championship team that finished 19-1 under the guidance of Pat Hatlestad.

Congrats are in order for Vicki and the entire team for being recognized as Coyote Legends.


We can honestly say it has been fun watching high school football served up by the Midco sports television team.

The broadcasters are very knowledgeable and do a great job on the air.

Recently we had an opportunity to view Minot at Bismarck, while Sheyenne powered its way over West Fargo the other night.

We recall those many long, cold evenings on the sidelines just trying to stay warm and it is nice to view from afar.

Back then it was especially hard to keep the fingers warm, a necessary factor in charting the game.

We also recall those old days when it was hard enough just trying to find all the scores in time for our newspaper deadline.

Now, thanks to the social media and live television, things have come a long way.

If you haven’t done so, click on Midco to enjoy the prep action.

Along with North Dakota contests, you can also view some of the best teams in the state of South Dakota.


Former Sidney, Montana grappler Brandon Eggum is a very happy man these days as his Olympic champion Gable Steveson recently announced he will be returning to the University of Minnesota for yet another season on the wrestling mat.

Eggum, a standout on the prep mats for the Eagles went on to a stellar career wrestling for the University of Minnesota.

In place at the U of M he worked his way into the coaching ranks and spent several years as the co-head coach and was eventually was named the head man, now in his sixth season at the helm.


Eggum recently went with Steveson, as his personal coach to the Tokyo Olympics and came home with a gold medal.

Previously, Steveson would not have been eligible to return if he took on any endorsements, however NCAA rule changes now allow for him to make money off his name.

Thus, Steveson announced an affiliation with the WWE, professional wrestling ranks, and has plans to go full time once his college days are over.

Should you want to see Steveson in action he will be with Eggum and the Gophers when they open regular season action on November 13 at the Bison Open in Fargo.

It’s always fun to keep you updated on area athletes who do good.

Thomas A. Kvamme is a former resident and long time sports editor and columnist for the Herald. He can be reached at

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