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The River’s Edge Bar & Grill has made a lot of changes lately, bringing back the old name and giving the place a new look. Now “The Edge” is looking to expand even further, bringing in an expert to create a slate of events with fun for everyone.

Ashley Oyloe recently took over as the River’s Edge Events Manager, and she’s hit the ground running in terms of planning music, comedy and more for the upcoming months. In her new role, Oyloe said her goal is to bring in a variety of attractions that cater to a broad community audience.

“When the owners and I started to talk about what the future of the River’s Edge looked like, everybody wanted there to be a space where there would be something for everyone throughout the month.” Oyloe told the Williston Herald. “When they asked me to come onboard, one of my visions for it was that we definitely need a calendar.”

With that, Oyloe crafted a month-long calendar, giving patrons a peek at what’s going on at the Edge, and giving them the opportunity to plan — or not — for an evening out.

“I thought it would be really nice if, for someone like me who never knows if my schedule is going to allow me to have a Friday night off unexpectedly, if I could just pull up a calendar and see what’s going on,” She explained. “I wanted there to be something where the whole month was planned out and people could plan ahead for the big things, but also have the opportunity to go out at the spur of moment and have something to do.”

The monthly calendar, which can be found at and, shows events happening nearly nightly at the Edge, like Monday Night Football, Trivia Tuesday, Name That Tune and Comedy on Wednesday, Bingo Thursday and a mix of live music DJs and karaoke throughout the weekends.

“I really wanted to focus on getting live music from places all over. We’re pulling as far as Minnesota to being these bands here.” Oyloe said. “We’re excited to bring these bigger names over here and give people something to do in the winter months.”

In the coming months, Oyloe said, many other activities and events will begin to roll out, including a monthly brunch event, costume parties, and rotating local art to adorn the Edge’s walls. Oyloe added that the changes are part of an ongoing plan to bring a more hometown atmosphere to the River’s Edge, and make it the place for friends to gather.

“It’s really encouraging to see the River’s Edge get back into local hands,” she explained. “It’s nice to have local owners who want to bring the space back and make it a place where they would want to hang out with their friends and family. They’ve got big plans, and they don’t plan on going anywhere. It’s exciting to be a part of their vision for not only this space, but for Williston.”

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