LSS demo

Greg Adams with JE Dunn Construction uses a sledgehammer to demolish a cinderblock wall on Friday, Nov. 1.

On Friday, Nov. 1, the basement of the Lutheran Social Services building was crowded as workers from JE Dunn Construction Company started the process of gutting the entire floor.

The work was part of a community donation the company made to the LSS plan to start a child care center at its building at 603 Main Street. Also included in that was a fence workers planned to put up on Saturday to enclose a play area.

JE Dunn has been working with Williams County on the renovation and expansion of the county social services building. That connection led to Friday’s work.

“JE Dunn contacted the Williams County Social Services Director about any potential service project opportunities, and Williams County Social Services helped us make contact with Lutheran Social Services,” Ryan Anderson, a project manager for JE Dunn, explained.

LSS plans to turn the basement of its Main Street building into a daycare facility that will be able to handle about 30 children, Bryan Quigley with Lutheran Social Services said. He estimated the demolition would have cost $10,000 to $15,000 if JE Dunn hadn’t donated the work.

Community projects like this have long been a part of JE Dunn’s mission, Anderson said.

After the demolition is finished and the fence is in place, LSS will start taking bids for the rest of the project. Quigley said he expected the project to finish in late April or early May.

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