Kyle Stebleton

Kyle Stebleton, Cub Master for pack 4378, with a group of Cub Scouts showing off their water bottle rockets at Davidson Park last summer. From left, Santiago Sandoval del Rio, Carter Ronholdt, Conner Isenhower, baby Isenhower, and Raya Isenhower.

The Williston Cub Scouts will hold their Third Annual Family Hike at Spring Lake Park on Sept. 19 at 6:30 p.m. to teach the six essentials to being in the great outdoors. A scavenger hunt will also take place and the event is open to anyone interested in finding out more about this organization and registering to become a cub scout. They will meet at the two front shelters close to the beach.

“We try to use the outdoors as our classroom,” District Executive and Professional Scouter and Coordinator for the Great Plains District of the Northern Lights Council of the Boy Scouts of America Audrey LaFave said. “Fall is our recruitment time of year when school starts up again. The event is open to anyone interested in becoming a Cub Scout and will offer a secondary round signup to join Cub Scouts.”

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