Local students got a lesson in how city services function, taking a trip to the water treatment plant and city landfill.

ASB Innovation 7th graders are working on a “trash transformation” project, where they take garbage that would normally end up in the landfill and repurpose it into something else. The idea behind the project is to show the students the importance of protecting the environment and how some materials can be repurposed for other uses. As part of the project, the students visited the water treatment plant and city landfill in Williston.

The tours showed the students how city workers have to deal with various forms of waste. The field trip was an exercise in academic teaming, working with students they haven’t before to collaborate on the project.

“We’re just trying to have them think about the environment, think globally, think about their future and try to make changes in the world,” ASB Innovation teacher Susan LaBar said. “We want to encourage them that even somebody in seventh grade can make a difference.”

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