1. Williston State College hit another enrollment record this month, with 1,223 registered students.

The new enrollment figures were announced in a news release Thursday, Feb. 7, and came from the college’s census, which was taken Tuesday. The numbers for spring 2019 are the highest ever recorded at the college.

They mark an increase of about 5 percent over last spring in terms of total headcount and an increase in credit hours of 6.5 percent over spring 2018.

2. The vast majority of students are still from North Dakota.

Of the 1,223 students at WSC, 889 are from North Dakota and 196 — about 16 percent — are from Montana. The remaining 138 come from other states, from Canada and from other countries.

3. Scholarships are part of the reason.

The college credits its scholarship programs as one of the reasons enrollment continues to increase. Graduates of Williams County high schools are eligible for up to two years of free tuition at WSC, as are students from Divide and McKenzie County and several counties in northeastern Montana. The college also started an academic scholarship program.

The WSC Foundation funded more than $593,500 in scholarship awards, supporting 249 students getting one of those three scholarships.

4. Early entry and dual-credit students are also a factor in increasing enrollment.

High school students getting both high school and college credit for courses is part of the reason for increasing enrollment. This spring’s early entry numbers include 479 students producing 1,997 credits. These numbers represent an increase of 5.3 percent and 11.63 percent, respectively.


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