Cardon Global will commit to building a new hotel at no extra charge to the city, placed next to the civic center that it will design for the city as part of a master plan for Sloulin Field’s redevelopment.

The commitment is part of a $7.5 million contract Williston City Commissioners unanimously approved at Tuesday night’s regular session. Of that, $1.5 million is for continuing services related to construction of the new Williston Basin International Airport. The fee will be paid in monthly installments of $312,692.90.

The new contract replaces the previous one, and will include any outstanding obligations from that document. These items would have been due upon expiration of the old contract, which was to have continued another year.

“What we are basically trying to establish by rolling this into one contract is that those deliverables will be done by Dec. 30, 2018,” Williston City Administrator David Tuan said.

The outstanding items include a 10-year economic plan, an infrastructure needs plan, a transportation study, a branding and marketing plan, finalization of the master plan, and continuing XWA representative services.

The new deliverables will include planning and design of a civic center, hotel and affordable housing units.

“In the beginning, when we started the Sloulin Field Redevelopment project as a whole, we steered away from identifying specific uses,” Tuan said. “We talked about general land uses. For example, we didn’t say Walmart, we just said retail.”

In the second phase, however, Cardon will begin to develop specifics for key features, like the civic center and the complementary hotel it will building.

A public hearing will be held sometime in October to gather feedback on these elements, Tuan added. A specific date has not yet been set.

“Affordable housing is another important element to this that we feel it is critical to hear from the public about,” Tuan added. “This will be taking all the ideas to the next level in phase 2 of the contract extension, with development of planning, engineering and design and construction drawings and those types of things. It’s taking things into the realm of physical reality from public feedback prior to this.”

Tuan told commissioners that the contract does include provisions for work not being completed on time, including termination should CDG fail to meet any of the contract terms.

“The city does have a lot of protection in this regard,” he said.

Tuan also added that city attorneys were consulted as to whether the city needed to do a second bidding process. The attorney group advised that the original contract language adequately provided for the proposed extension of services, and that since the Request for Qualifications and review process was thorough, no new selection process is required.

The new contract will also allow for another extension for additional services after a two-year review period. If the extension is made, Cardon would get an additional $4.6 million in fees.

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