Williams County website

Williams County has launched a redesigned and refreshed website at www.williamsnd.com.

The updated website, powered by ProudCity, is mobile-friendly, secured for user privacy protection, and makes accessibility a priority. With the new website design also comes new a new way of managing meeting documents using the iCompass platform.

“We are excited to offer Williams County citizens an easy-to-search website that provides improved access to County information and meeting materials” says Williams County Commission Chairman Steve Kemp. He adds that “the new website will allow us to continually update and enhance our digital services for the public.”

The new site cost $7,168 for the redesign and the first year of hosting, and the annual fee for subsequent years will $2,688 support and hosting, according to Lindsey Harriman, communications and research analyst for Williams County.

In a news release, the county highlighted the way information was reorganized on the site.

“Content on the website has been reorganized with a customer service approach,” the release reads. “Users can now access a digital services center, topical frequently asked questions, news, events, contact directory, social media integration, and online forms that are simple to complete. An exhaustive predictive search function allows citizens to search the entire website to find exactly what they are looking for.”

The county plans to add more to the site, including minutes and agendas from past meetings, information about the community and live streaming video from meetings.

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