The North Dakota Oil and Gas Division was notified of a release occurring Thursday, January 6 at the Vandeberg 31-1-3H well location, about 5 ½ miles south of Epping, North Dakota.

Whiting Oil and Gas Corporation reported Thursday that 270 barrels of produced water were released due to an equipment failure/malfunction.

Product was contained on-site and cleanup is underway. A state inspector has been to the location and will monitor cleanup required.

Federal and state laws require federal and/or state agencies be notified in the event of accidental spillage of any materials that may pollute water, air or soil.

More information about notifications and the public access tool can be found on North Dakota’s Unified Spill Reporting System page at

The North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality reported that 6,000 gallons of a Class B firefighting foam and water mixture were released from a facility owned and operated by Polar Creek Industries US, Inc., in Williston on Jan. 6. The spill was confined to a road ditch.

Class B firefighting foam, also known as Aqueous film-forming foam or AFFF, is used for fighting high-hazard flammable liquid fires and may potentially contain per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). PFAS is a synthetic chemical that persistently remains in the environment and can be harmful to human health.

Cleanup has begun, and personnel from Environmental Quality have inspected the site and collected samples to determine if the Class B foam contains PFAS. The investigation team will continue to monitor the situation and remediation.

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