The severe thunderstorm that hit Williston last week resulted in high winds, hail, and flash flooding throughout town that damaged many homes.

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Water laps against the side of a building next to Liberty Tax on Second Street West and 14th Avenue. Hail can been seen floating in the deep water. Lightning was still active in the heavy storm clouds that blanketed the area.

The City of Williston Development Services shared the following steps that residents can take to protect their home if they have water in your basement and/or missing or damaged shingles and/or siding.

Call your insurance company and submit a claim. Check with your insurance to see if they will cover roofs, siding, and/or flood-damaged basements.

Remove standing water and dirt in your basement to dry it out. If unable to do this yourself, hire a professional remediation company to remove water and any wet carpet, drywall or wood products, and insulation.

Get fans started immediately in basements that were wet to avoid mold growth. Warmer weather is perfect for mold growth if there is no air movement. If you are out of power, rent a generator or ask your neighbor to plug into their home, but make sure to get air circulating to dry things out.

Inspect furnaces, ductwork, appliances, water heaters, and other electrical equipment for damage and potential replacement.

If you cannot inspect yourself, hire a certified inspector for these services.

Once your wet area is cleaned, consider spraying for mold to prevent future growth, and possibly kill any mold that may have already started growing. Keep the air circulating.

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There was lots of lightning in the area before and after the storm early Friday morning as evidenced in this shot taken 7 miles east of Williston on Hwy 1804.

Considerations when hiring a contractor:

Contractors performing work in the City of Williston jurisdiction must hold a North Dakota Contractor’s License and current liability insurance. City of Williston Development Services requires a copy of their ND Contractor’s license and liability before a permit will be issued.

If you are working on your roof, ensure your contractors are certified installers.

Be cautious of fly-by-night contractors trying to get you to repair your home quickly.

Sign a contract with the contractor you hire.

If you are concerned a contractor is unlicensed, please call Development Services and ask for Building Safety. Staff can help you determine if they are licensed and carry insurance.

Be careful not to pay money down in advance.

Ask the contractor for a list of references to call.

Ask the contractor about his/her warranties. An example would be that a contractor provides roughly two to three years of workmanship, and 20 years minimum on his/her shingles.

All building permits from the storm damage incurred on June 10, 2021 will be free for all City residents until July 31, 2021. Plumbing permits will also be free.

City of Williston Development Services can assist homeowners in getting their homes back together to their original condition the correct way.

If you have additional questions, please call City of Williston Development Services at 701-577-8115.

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