Drone camp

An aerial photo shows the attendees at the 2016 Tioga drone camp.

Drones can be found everywhere, from news reports on military action overseas to the hobby enthusiast at the local airfield or park. As quality models can be purchased at affordable prices, drones have grown in use and popularity. According to recent reports by consulting firm PWC, the drone industry could be worth $127 billion by 2020. It also reported that some of the greatest increases could be in logistics, business, farming and special effects applications. 

Drones belong to a class of aerial vehicles known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. What makes them so revolutionary is their ability to take flight without on-board pilots, taking humans to places they’ve never gone, while all but eliminating risk to the pilot. Over the last decade UAV’s have revolutionized flight, and offer an opportunity for a new field of study in this innovative field of technology. 

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