Williams County employees and others are taking part in a multi-day training session on using the county’s newest drone.

1. Drone technology keeps advancing.

Williams County has used drones for several years, and took delivery of its latest earlier this year. Technology keeps improving, and the latest drone the county uses can be up and running in less than two minutes. The drone uses the latest in thermal imaging available outside the military. It also has two anti-collision sensors that can detect netting and other low visibility obstacles.

2. The drones are used by law enforcement, fire departments and the county’s emergency management.

The drones are primarily for search and rescue, and for emergency situations that are unsafe for humans to enter. While they are used by police, they cannot be used to look into private property without a warrant or probable cause.

3. The rules around drones are constantly changing.

Drone use is regulated by the FAA, and the regulations are in a state of flux as technology improves. There are requirements for registration, restricted areas that drone operators must be aware of and reporting requirements for accidents or other incidents.


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