FARGO — A Midwestern state more commonly known for its hot dish and farmland is now ranked the “most rockin’ state” in the country, according to a ticket reseller website.

North Dakota rocked its way to the top of a recent study by Vivid Seats, ending up far ahead of all other states with a score of 17.7 on the rock ‘n’ roll scale. South Dakota came in second at 13.2, while Minnesota was far below both Dakotas with a 2.9 score. Alaska was at the bottom of the pack with a score of 0.

The study by Vivid Seats, an online service for buying and selling tickets for live events including concerts, was based on the site’s ticket sales and the number of hard rock and metal concerts that took place in each state from 2015 to the present.

Those figures were then factored into each state’s population and a score of the number of such concerts per 10,000 residents was calculated.

The results of the study might come as a surprise for some, considering that no prominent rock or metal bands have come from the Peace Garden State.

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