Technology issues that were stymying the recently moved Department of Motor Vehicle’s office have been resolved, and the DMV is now fully functional in its new location.

The office had reopened at its new location on Thursday, but with limited capacity to provide services. It could answer questions about title work but couldn’t process them. Passport services, including photos, were also being provided.

The DMV has slightly new hours now that it is housed in its new home in the Williams County Administration Building, located at 206 E Broadway in downtown Williston.

It will be open from 8:15 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 8:15 to noon on Friday.

In addition to the new office in the Williams County Administration Building, there is also a kiosk inside of Cashwise that provides limited registration services. And passport services are also available from the Williams County Treasurer/Recorder’s Office.

Williams County began operating the DMV office Jan. 1 of this year, after Williston State college did not renew a contract with the office.

In its new location, the DMV will have more parking.

It is also now located with many other county services, such as the Auditor, Assessor, Development Services and the Treasurer/Recorder.

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