Ashley Oyloe and Sabrina Ramey with the Williston CVB recently began their Williston Live series, showcasing businesses and attractions throughout the area.

In an attempt to connect further with the community and the region, the Williston Convention and Visitors Bureau is taking to social media to get people involved and excited about what the area has to offer.

Ashley Oyloe and Sabrina Ramey, the events and services and communications coordinator for the CVB, are taking on a new venture to get themselves out of the office and into the community to showcase all the fun and exciting things that businesses and attraction in the area have to offer. The pair have recently begun their “Visit Williston Live” series, taking to Facebook Live to broadcast from various locations around town to give a morein-depth look at what there is to do in the community.

“Our whole mission is to bring people to Williston,” Oyloe told the Williston Herald. “We could certainly do just a Facebook post or a newspaper advertisement for a specific event, but we want to show people that aside from these big events, there’s a lot more to do in the area than people even realize.”

Taking their suggestions from people who comment on what they’d like to see, Oyloe and Ramey plan to visit a different location every week, taking part in experiences such as touring the new airport, taking one of the many cooking and painting classes offered around town, or visiting a local attraction, such as Fort Union or the Confluence.

“It’s a great way to get local businesses involved as well,” Oyloe explained. “It’s good promotion, it’s good advertising and shows people a little bit more around area, other than what they hear through just general media.”

CVB Executive Director Amy Krueger said the series is a way to show an actual experience behind an attraction, rather than simply seeing a picture on a billboard or in a magazine. It’s easy to talk about something, she added, but it’s more engaging to show someone how it’s done. Feedback for the series has been very positive, Oyloe said, with many people commenting and giving suggestions to places and activities the pair should take part in.

“Some of the ideas have been a little crazier than others,” Oyloe laughed. “But we said we’ll do most anything, within reason.”

People can simply visit the CVB’s Facebook page to vote on what the next adventure will be, and every Thursday at 11 a.m. the pair will go live from the winning location. Visit or email to give suggestions and feedback to what you’d like to see the CVB feature.

The hope, Oyloe added, is to shine a brighter light on what Williston has to offer, not only for its out of town visitors, but its own residents as well.

“In the long run, we want to say ‘Look at what Williston has as a whole,’” Oyloe said. “I think a lot of people see just a small tidbit of what we offer. We want to focus on literally everything that’s here and the things that you can do. There should never, ever be anyone that can say there’s nothing to do in Williston.”

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