The Williston Community Library shared their 2019 Year In Review, and the numbers show that the library is continuing its success as it continues to grow.

The report, which represents January through December 2019, shows what Library Director Placher says is “exciting growth,” and that more and more patrons in the area are utilizing the library’s resources.

Placher attributed much of the library’s success to the variety of new programs that have been implemented for youth, teens and adults. Those programs have brought thousands of new visitors into the building, and with the large number of online resources available, Placher said patrons have had more access to books, music, movies and online classes than ever before.

“We’re continually trying to improve,” Placher told the Williston Herald. “I feel like we’re getting more information out there than we have in years prior. We’ve added a number of new stops for the Bookmobile, our programs are bringing in families from all over, and it’s just been great being able to share what we’ve got with the people. The library is one of the best community resources we have, and I’m super jazzed to share these numbers.”

Placher provided the City Commission with a breakdown of some of the most significant numbers from the report at the Tuesday, July 14 meeting of the commission.

By The Numbers

83,652: The number of visitors to the library in 2019.That averages out to around 229 visitors per day.

2,892: New library cards issued to patrons. This averages to about 200 people per month receiving cards.

7,870: The number of registered library cardholders as of December 2019.

17,720: The amount of materials checked out from the library’s Bookmobile. Placher said the mobile library has added more stops to its normal route, giving more people access to what the library has to offer.

991: The number of programs offered at the library in 2019. Placher said that comes out to around 82 programs per month. Those programs brought in 11,852 people in to the library, averaging to about 988 per month.

2,935: The amount of new items added to the library’s collection. This includes books, videos, games, reference material and more.

In addition, Placher said numerous other improvements have been made to the library to provide better access and improved resources to the facility. These include adding board games and S.T.E.A.M. programs, making interior and exterior renovations and extending weekend hours. The library is currently open for curbside checkout and pickup, as well as having many online resources. For more information or to sign up for a card, visit

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