A new exhibit headed to the MonDak Heritage Center is a collection of works by Max Schorer. Max Schorer’s Pop Cars features colorful, pop culture characters. From the North Dakota Art Gallery Directors Association. The exhibit will be at the MonDak Aug. 4-Sept. 4.

According to Max:

It started as a scribble of Homer Simpson on a daily-log sheet at a salt-water-disposal during a February snow flurry in northwest North Dakota as an oil-field trucker. The computer-log was down and I resorted to a hand-kept ledger on Keller’s Daily Logs with etch-a-sketch lines cityscaping between ‘off duty, on duty and driving.’ The lines soon called for a portrait of Homer and the seed of Pop Cars was planted.

The idea evolved – pop culture figures who get down behind the wheel. A Mack Titan stolen from the depths of Hell…Michigan, a time-traveling Delorean, a San-Fran hill-hoping Ford Mustang 390 epitomizing counter-culture cool, or the Renaissance Man’s ornithopter gliding along the current of Fibonacci’s spiral – these characters are defined by their vehicle of choice.

Long live the throttle stomper – the patinet chauffer bridging racial divide, the technicolor bus driver whose resume boasts fifteen wrecks with no fatalities, the omnipresent Man in Black who walks the line town-to-town fast enough to tie your tongue, to the woman whose feminist exclamation point is dotted at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Marty McFly – the scorcerer’s apprentice to Dr. Emmett Brown, who poured his family inheritance into his Pop Car – said it best, “let’s see if these bastards can do ninety.”

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