What is your favorite Halloween candy?

“My favorite is Hershey’s, because it has a good flavor.” Julie Kloos

What scares you the most about Halloween?

“I’m not scared of a lot, but I don’t like clowns.” Jory Soiseth

What is your least favorite candy to get on Halloween?

“I like all candy, mostly. But I’m really not a fan of Twizzlers.” Joziah Soiseth

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

“I love the costumes. Not so much the candy, I love candy, don’t get me wrong, but mostly I love the costumes.”

Cassandra Webb, 18

What is the scariest thing about Halloween?

“The fact that it’s at night and you can barely see anything.”

James Webb, 15

Why do you like dressing up for Halloween?

“It’s cool and you get to be scary and wear different kinds of costumes.”

Morgan Blekestad, 9

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