The 2021 North Dakota Legislature acted on hundreds of bills, including major appropriations and controversial social issues – but also many proposals that didn’t get much attention.

So, what did the 67th Legislative Assembly do to you? Here’s a random sampling compiled by student interns reporting on the session for the N.D. Newspaper Association. (The House or Senate bill number follows each item, if you care to look for further information.)

If you are a physical therapist, you will be added to the definition of “health care provider.” (SB 2148)

If you are the proprietor of a distillery or winery, you will now be able to sell alcohol from 8 a.m. to midnight on Sundays. (SB 2220)

If you are a certified instructor for armed first responder training, your certification renewal is capped at $300. (SB 2096)

If you are an insurance provider, you will be able to hold drawings or raffles if there is no cost to enter and no insurance required. (SB 2072)

If you are not yet 70 years of age, you may renew your driver’s license online. (HB 1102)

If you had to leave your job because your spouse had a change in military orders, you will be eligible for unemployment benefits. (HB 1278)

If you are a North Dakota resident and attending university in-state, you can receive supplemental identification documents from your university. (HB 1447)

If you drive along N.D. Hwy. 57, between Hwys. 281 and 20, you can call it the Akicita (Veteran) Memorial Highway. (SB 2297)

If you were looking forward to using recreational marijuana, you’ll have to visit Colorado or another state, as the Legislature voted against legalization. (HB 1420)

If you would like to breastfeed your child, you are now able to do so in any location where a woman and child are authorized to be. (HB 1105)

If you are a convict, you may petition to have your criminal records sealed if you have not committed another crime in three to five years depending on the severity. (HB 1196)

If you are a drug dealer and a user of your drugs dies through an overdose, you will face an enhanced penalty if convicted. (HB 1287)

If you live in a healthcare facility, you will have the right to send and receive electronic messages and have access to devices. (HB 1343)

If you are under the age of 21 you will not be able to use or possess any tobacco products or electronic smoking devices. (SB 2156.)

If you operate an end-of-life facility, you will need a license from the state Department of Health, and the department will inspect the facility to make sure it meets standards. (SB 2226)

If you are a school official, school board member, teacher or other school district employee, you can’t be held liable for damages if a student contracts or is exposed to COVID-19 on school premises. (SB 2278)

If you want to form a rural ambulance service district, you’ll need 50 qualified signatures on a petition. (HB 1186)

If you are an emergency medical worker, the state health officer will notify you of an epidemic if the governor declares an emergency. (HB 1219)

If you are a specialist trained in dyslexia, the superintendent of public instruction will determine rules for issuing your credentials. (HB 1131)

If you are a college-bound student applying for North Dakota scholarships, you may replace an ACT score with an equivalent score on a nationally recognized standardized test approved by the State Board of Higher Education. (SB 2141)

If you are an auction sale clerk, you can keep $1,000 of personal funds in the trust account required for depositing funds that are not directly yours. (SB 2154)

If you are a volunteer with the commission on legal counsel for indigents, you may be required to go through a state and national background check. (SB 2174)

If you are a member of the National Guard, you will qualify as a resident student at North Dakota universities. Your spouse will also qualify. (HB 1107)

If you are a new driver seeking a learner’s permit, you can now take your written test online while being monitored by a parent or guardian. (HB 1168)

If you are the parent of a child in kindergarten to fourth grade, you can now enroll your child in summer school without them requiring remedial education. (HB 1436)

If you are a North Dakota legislator, you will get a pay raise, to $193 per day while in session. (SB 2001)

If you are an applicant for work in the Department of Transportation, a nationwide background check may be required. (SB 2110)

If you are a manufacturer of firearms or ammunition, you can’t be held liable for physical or emotional injury, physical damage or death due to use of your product. (HB 1396)

If you are the sibling of a deceased person, you may obtain a certified death record of the deceased to research family medical history. (SB 2123)

If you are a divorced parent receiving child support payments from someone about to be incarcerated, you will be notified by the child support agency that you won’t be receiving further payments. (SB 2132)

If you are a nutritionist or dietitian applying for a license, your criminal record doesn’t need to be checked unless the Board of Dietetic Practice requires it. (SB 2187)

If you are a user of volatile chemicals to get high and are found guilty of inhaling such three or more times in a year, you will be required to take an addiction evaluation from a licensed addiction treatment program and comply with any recommendations. (SB 2273)

If you are a prosecutor, supreme court justice, district court judge or a judicial referee, your phone number and home address will remain confidential. (SB 2276)

If you are a medical provider or law enforcement agent, you will participate in a statewide tracking system for collection kits involving sexual assault evidence. (SB 2281)

If you are a noncustodial parent, you may be found guilty of abandonment if you fail to communicate through physical contact or oral conversation. (SB 2340)

If you are an excavator, you now have to immediately call 911 and notify the pipeline operator if damage to an underground facility resulted in a release of flammable, toxic, or corrosive gas or liquid. (HB 1059)

If you are under the age of twenty-one, you can now attend authorized events where alcohol beverages are sold. You are still not authorized to drink alcohol at these events. (HB 1284).

If you are a student from sixth to twelfth grade, you may be able to earn course credit outside of school through apprenticeships, internships, industry certifications and community programs. (HB 1478)

If you are the governor of North Dakota, you can no longer suspend or limit the sale, dispensing or transportation of alcoholic beverages during state emergencies. (HB 1180)

If you are a school board, you may authorize your schools to display the Ten Commandments in a classroom. (SB 2308)

If you are a hunter, you still need to wear fluorescent orange colored gear. The bill that would have added pink as an option failed. (SB 2143)

If you are a cigar smoker, you’ll have to keep smoking at home or outside. The Legislature killed a bill that would have allowed cigar bars and lounges. (HB 1152)

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