Fireworks over the Upper Missouri Valley Fairgrounds in July 2018.

The COVID-19 crisis has put a damper on many July 4 plans, but fireworks sales don’t seem to be effected and as usual, business is booming.

Fireworks sales began in Williston on Saturday, June 27, and stand owners say business so far has been very good.

“We’re doing great so far this year, as far as what we do,” Five Star Fireworks Manager Tommy Leeper told the Williston Herald. “We’re a pretty small operation compared to everybody else, but considering what we have for our space, we’re doing really well.”

Located along Second Avenue near Walmart, Leeper said that they do no advertising, but have still gotten steady customers since sales began.

“We’ve built a pretty good reputation over the last decade, so people keep coming to us.” Leeper said.

Outside of town at Madman Fireworks, owner Joey Cecil said sales started slow, but business has picked up, with many coming in to stock up on some of the perennial favorites, like artillery shell packs, firecrackers and sparklers. He added that many people opt for the variety packs, which contain an assortment of different fireworks.

“I think a lot of people are going to be celebrating this Fourth of July, which is pretty exciting.” Cecil said.

Adam Natwick, owner of Explosive Enterprises, is pulling double duty this July 4. Not only is he selling to customers to shoot off themselves, but he’s organized the community fireworks show at the fairgrounds that night. Like Leeper and Cecil, Natwick said sales have been going strong. Natwick said his customers have been leaning towards some of the larger products, such as his newest addition, the COVID-inspired Virus Terminator.

“We just got that one in, and it’s been pretty popular,” he said. “We certainly can’t complain about our sales, we’ve been getting a lot of people out here.”

While sales have been strong leading up to the big day, Leeper, Cecil and Natwick all stated that July 3 and 4 are going to be the major selling days, when the last minute crowds start coming out.

“The third and the fourth are absolute insanity.” Natwick said.

For those looking to just take in a fireworks show rather than create one, there are two fireworks displays happening in Williston. TNT Fireworks will have a show after the races at the Williston Basin Speedway on July 3. Explosive Enterprises will have their program beginning at 10:45 p.m. on July 4 at the Upper Missouri Valley Fairgrounds. No outside fireworks or alcohol will be permitted.

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