The new Williston Public Works facility had it’s grand unveiling Wednesday, Nov. 6, as the city held the building’s official ribbon cutting ceremony for the public.

A large crowd filled the Larry Hanson Lunchroom, one of six rooms named after current and former Williston mayors, as Mayor Howard Klug and guests showed off the new facility. The new $30 million, 96,000 square foot facility will be home to the Public works and Engineering departments for the city, and features several amenities that Klug said will help the departments, and the city as a whole, to become more efficient by keeping all the employees and equipment in one location.

“Our group wasn’t together. We had the water department in one area, engineering in another, public works and the street crew in a different area, and nobody was one big team,” Klug told the audience. “That’s what this building does for the city of Williston.”

Klug praised the efforts of the city commission, engineers and those who were involved with the planning and construction of the facility, saying that he was proud of the work they had done, managing to have the facility up and running on time and within budget.

Williston, he said, has some of the hardest working employees in the state. Sen. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., who was unable to be in attendance, sent a statement regarding the opening, which was read by his representative, Kaitlyn Weidert.

“As with so many of your current initiatives, this new state-of-the-art building demonstrates your foresight in recognizing the need to provide enhanced community services in Williston,” Cramer’s statement read. “The increased storage for equipment, along with ample parking, meeting spaces and conference rooms, will meet the public works needs in Williston for several decades in to the future.”

After comments from City Commissioners Deanette Piesik and Chris Brostuen, FCI Constructors Project Manager Matt Lierz, Kodet Architectural Group board member Ed Kodet and Public Works Director Dave Bell; the group, along with fellow commissioners Cymbaluk, Bekkedahl and City Administrator David Tuan cut the ceremonial ribbon, officially opening the building to the public.

“I hope you know that this facility is for all of you,” Piesik said. “It’s for our citizens. We want to serve you as efficiently as possible, and having this new space is going to allow us to do that.”

To a rousing round of applause, those in attendance split into groups to take tours of the facility, exploring the new equipment storage area, conference rooms and office spaces. In addition to the Larry Hanson Lunchroom, the building houses conference rooms named after John W. Snyder, E. Ward Koeser and Diane Bervig, as well as the Jim Haugen Training Room and the Howard Klug Patio.

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