A former North Dakotan is returning to the state to share his latest novel, and Books on Broadway in Williston is hosting a signing event this weekend to showcase the new work.

“Jack and the War Babies” is David Erickson’s third book, and his first work of fiction. Books on Broadway is hosting Erickson on Saturday, Sept. 7 from 1 to 4 p.m for the signing event. Erickson’s first book, “The Muddy River Boys,” was featured at the bookstore when it came out in 2011, and owner Chuck Wilder said the response to the book was overwhelmingly positive, prompting him to bring Erickson back for his latest release.

“(The Muddy River Boys) was a must read for our customers,” Wilder said in a news release. “I’m excited to feature more of his ongoing works. He’s a great storyteller and writer.”

“Jack and the War Babies” tells the story of Jackson B. Lindquist, an avid reader or pulp murder mysteries, who decides to take on a case of his own upon learning of the peculiar death of a highly respected area rancher named Charlie Larigan. The investigation takes Jack through Montana and eventually leads him to the North Dakota Badlands.

“You’ll love this guy, Jack,” Erickson said of his newest character. “With insatiable curiosity, he thrives on adventure, sometimes at his own peril. Jack is fictional, but then again maybe not entirely. With his growing up years on a ranch south of Glendive, Montana, he would have thrived on opportunities to escape adult management to ‘cut his own swath.’ Had he lived in Williston, he’d have been a ‘Muddy River Boy.’”

Along with copies of his new book, Erickson will also be signing copies of a large-print version of “The Muddy River Boys,” which he said he is currently working on a follow-up to, titled “Beyond Muddy River.” Erickson said the popularity of the first book encouraged him to revisit the tales.

“The fact that “The Muddy River Boys” sold out several times following its Williston debut was a re-awakening for me,” he explained. “A newfound appreciation and kinship for the people of North Dakota and Williston. I was a ‘lucky one,’ nurtured by hardy Dakotans in the 40s and 50s. Yes, I’m sentimental, but also proud to have an opportunity to tell more stories. I believe you’ll discover that these stories and their bits of wisdom extend beyond nostalgia.”

To get your signed copies of Erickson’s latest book, visit Books on Broadway at 12 1/2 West Broadway in Williston.

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