burn ban maps

The state maintains a map that shows burn bans and fire risk online at 


Your question: How can I know if it is allowed to shoot off fireworks, given the drought situation in the region?

Answer: North Dakota lists the level of fire danger for every county in the state.

When the adjective is high, very high, or extreme, it is absolutely not a good idea, and depending on whether a given county has signed a burn ban, it may in fact be illegal to burn anything at all, and that includes shooting off fireworks.

If the fire danger is listed as low or moderate, then the use of fireworks may be allowed, according to the local ordinances for your community.

Wednesday, June 30, Williams County’s fire rating was listed as moderate. That rating is determined each day, however, and may be different Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, the latter of which is the Fourth.

Even if the fire rating is moderate, people should still be very cautious about discharging fireworks. Vegetation that is already dead does not hold moisture well and can quickly dry out the next day. Then it only takes one spark to light what could become a very big fire.

Burn ban restrictions and fire danger maps are online at tinyurl.com/4beeyp2u, and they are updated each morning.

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