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A judge has issued a warrant accusing a woman charged in March 2019 with child abuse of failing to show up for a court date.

A warrant for failure to appear was issued Tuesday, Sept. 22, the same day 23-year-old Corey Gardner was supposed to have a pre-trial conference in Northwest District Court. She is facing a class B felony count of child abuse and her trial had been scheduled to begin Monday, Oct. 5.

Gardner was accused of causing serious injuries to an infant she was caring for as a daycare provider.

Police said a doctor who specializes in diagnosing child abuse examined the baby’s medical records and determined that the injuries likely happened within 72 hours of when they were discovered.

The doctor also determined that the strains to spinal ligaments were consistent with what police termed “rotational injuries to the neck and head,” and the subdural hematoma — a medical term for a collection of blood outside the brain — was consistent with the movement of the brain inside the skull.

Gardner’s trial date has been canceled and a new one has not been scheduled.

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