A 32-year-old woman is facing a felony charge after police say she threatened to kill someone following a dispute over the sale of a car.

Tiffany Berry was charged Monday, May 10, with a class C felony count of terrorizing.

A woman called police on Sunday and said Berry had threatened to slit her throat and warned her that the next day would be her “death date,” according to an affidavit of probable cause filed in Northwest District Court.

When police talked with Berry, she admitted sending the messages and showed an officer her phone, charging documents state. The officer arrested her and while transporting her for medical clearance and then to the Williams County jail, Berry continued to make threats.

“During the transport, Ms. Berry stated to (the arresting officer) that she would also slit the throat of her ex-boss and that the ex-boss and (the woman she originally was accused of threatening) would ‘pay,’” investigators wrote in the probable cause affidavit. “Upon (the officer) asking Ms. Berry what she meant by said comments, Ms. Berry stated to (the officer), ‘You’ll see.’ Ms. Berry then re-iterated to (the officer) that she would slit (the first woman’s) throat.”

The threats continued later, court records state.

“During the continued process of medical clearance and subsequent transport to the jail, (the officer) observed Tiffany Berry continue to use profanities relating to (the first woman) and repeatedly state that (the woman) was ‘dead,’” the charging affidavit reads. “Ms. Berry informed (the officer) that he would get a call in “a couple of days” that (the woman) was dead. Ms. Berry repeatedly stated to (the officer) that she would eventually be released from custody, that (the officer) would get a call, and that (the woman) would be ‘dead.’”

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 9.

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