The Third Annual Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Symposium is taking place in Williston this week, bringing together members of the oil and gas industry, emergency responders, and interested parties together to learn about potential disasters and how to prepare and respond to emergencies.

“It started because we found there was a need for primarily the Oil and Gas and the emergency response crews to come together and have conversations and just spend a day exchanging information, networking and learning together about how to exist in the same space and how they can all help each other,” Tanya Vachal, business relations manager with Williston State College TrainND Northwest. “Crews ranging from firefighters to law enforcement to medical and hospital staff, not just emergency responders but anybody who responds to emergencies or will be impacted by an emergency or an incident created in the oil and gas industry.”

What to expect:

Sessions will cover a variety of emergency topics, such as ALICE training, the lessons learned from the Dakota Access Pipeline protests and more. Vachal said along with workshops that all participants will attend, there will be separate breakout session for both oil and gas and non-industry related fields. Emergency response equipment will be on hand for participants to see as well. There is a separate session on human trafficking that will be held free of charge for those interested. Pre-registration is required for that session.


Thursday, Sept. 26 from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the TrainND Northwest site at 415 22nd Ave. NE.

To Register:

Tickets are $89 per person in advance or $129 per person at the door. There is also a Pay It Forward option, where businesses or individuals can sponsor an essential services ticket to donate to an business or organization. To pre-register, call TrainND Northwest at 701-572-2835.

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