Crazy Cravings in Williston

After a recent health code complaint, Crazy Cravings in Williston has been given the all-clear from the Upper Missouri District Health Unit.

A complaint was made by Amanda Gepner on her Facebook page on Feb. 16, alleging that she had found what appeared to be something covered in hair in a burrito she had purchased from Crazy Cravings on Feb. 15.

As the comments on the post grew, Crazy Cravings owner Jesus Torres addressed the matter himself, stating that he did not believe the food came from his restaurant, and that she was voluntarily bringing a city health inspector in to inspect the premises. On Tuesday, Feb. 18, Erich Bartz from the Upper Missouri District Health Unit visited the restaurant, and found no evidence of any health code violations.

Torres said he provided Bartz with the pictures Gepner had posted on Facebook, and that the pair were awaiting Gepner’s arrival with the food in question, however Gepner did not appear.

Torres said Bartz chose to move forward with the inspection, with Torres saying every inch of the restaurant was inspected, from the temperatures of the freezers and fridges, to the cooking temperatures of the food being prepared to the surfaces the food was prepared on. Torres said the batch of food that Gepner’s food reportedly came from was also inspected, but nothing was found.

“Everything went just the way we expected,” Torres told the Williston Herald. “It was a very thorough process. (Bartz) was pretty detailed with everything he did, and we didn’t expect anything less.”

Torres provided the Williston Herald with a copy of the inspection report, which shows that the only issue Bartz found was with some sanitation fluid that required more bleach. That aside, the report shows that Crazy Cravings is in compliance, and does not require a follow-up visit.

Gepner stated she believed the issue had become “a mockery” on Facebook, but that she still has faith in the truth. Torres said he just wants to get back to business as usual and assure his customers that they’ve nothing to fear at his establishment.

“We’re happy that everything is cleared up and hope that it gives people some peace of mind.” Torres said.

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