A judge OK’d pushing back a hearing on whether to accept a plea agreement involving a man twice accused of attacking the same woman but warned lawyers on both sides Wednesday, Nov. 6, that she expected the hearing to be reset within a week.

Nathan Madden, assistant state’s attorney for Williams County, and Richard Sand, the defense attorney for Casey Gunlikson, asked for the delay at the start of a scheduled hearing Wednesday. Gunlikson was arrested in late November 2018 and accused of hitting a woman, strangling her and hanging up the phone when she tried to call 911.

He was also accused of violating his probation in a 2016 case where he had pleaded guilty to attacking the same woman.

In April 2016, police said he held the woman hostage in his home for several days and fired guns at her, according to an affidavit of probable cause.

In May 2017, Gunlikson was given a deferred sentence on class C felony charges of terrorizing and reckless endangerment, court records indicate. He was put on supervised probation for two years, with the expectation that if he successfully completed that probation, the charges would be dismissed and the record sealed.

Sand told Northwest District Judge Kirsten Sjue that the prosecution and defense had come to an agreement but there were questions about state regulations. Sand said the agreement involved a sentence of 15 months, with credit for the 126 days Gunlikson already spent in jail before being released on bond.

Because that would leave fewer than 366 days for him to serve, attorneys weren’t sure if the state’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation would accept him. Sand said the goal was to have Gunlikson serve his time in a state prison, where he would have access to rehabilitation and counseling.

“This is something — it’s not normally a concern that comes up,” Sand said.

Sjue said she was hesitant to delay the case much longer, as the charges were filed nearly a year ago.

“We have to have this hearing by next Wednesday,” she told Sand and Madden.

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