Law enforcement across the state will have extra patrols enforcing speed limits and aggressive driving laws as a part of the “Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine” enforcement campaign, which runs Friday, April 23 through May 23.

In 2020, speeding and/or aggressive driving was a factor in 34.4% of fatal crashes in North Dakota. Speeding and/or aggressive driving is defined as speeding, driving too fast for conditions, following too close, or operating a vehicle in a reckless, negligent or aggressive manor.

“Speeding and aggressive driving is dangerous and can be deadly. Obeying the posted speed limit and driving for road conditions helps ensure everyone gets where they need to be,” said Williston Police Chief David Peterson. “It’s better to slow down and arrive late than to not arrive at all.”

Preliminary crash fatalities in 2021 are trending higher than previous years with 25 fatalities as of April 22, making this campaign a vital part of the Vision Zero strategy to eliminate motor vehicle crash fatalities and serious injuries on North Dakota roads.

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