Krista and Kendra Slaubaugh

Krista Slaubaugh can talk to you about the importance of seatbelts.

In 2015, when she was a senior in high school, she was in a serious car wreck. She was left hanging from her seat belt.

“I don’t know how serious my injuries would have been or if I would have even made it,” Slaubaugh, one half of the musical duo Tigirlily, said.

Krista Slaubaugh and her sister Kendra are the first North Dakota celebrities to collaborate with North Dakota Department of Transportation on the Vision Zero campaign, which has a goal of reducing road deaths to 0.

The sisters, who have lived in Nashville for four years, are preparing to release an EP on July 9, and their song “Somebody Does” reached No. 1 on iTunes earlier this year.

“Making one wrong choice can just ruin so many people’s lives,” Kendra said during an event announcing the partnership. “And we have a song called — Kris can talk about this too a little bit — ‘Somebody Does.’ But it’s basically about how every single life matters, and to make a really poor decision and not think about how much life truly does matter. That is totally preventable. And we all basically just need to take responsibility for our actions and make good choices.”

The duo are being featured in videos commissioned by NDDOT that will appear on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok.

As soon as people heard the song, they wanted to use it, Safety Division Director Karin Mongeon said during the press event.

“It was just such a natural fit for us,” she said. “Somebody does care about you, so the decisions you make behind the wheel affect more than yourself. We’re thrilled to partner with this duo to share Vision Zero’s mission to eliminate motor vehicle fatalities and serious injuries in North Dakota.”

The sisters are preparing to come back to their home state for a visit — and a show. Tigirlily is performing in concert at the Burning Hills Amphitheatre on Monday, July 5.

Krista said they want their fans to make safe decisions and to keep themselves and other people safe on the road.

“For us it’s it’s always been important to promote traffic safety, wearing your seatbelt, finding the sober ride, driving the speed limits, because we just want everyone to make it everywhere safely,” Krista said.

For more information about the band or to get tickets, visit tigirlily.com.

The videos will be posted on social media websites.

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